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I am merry, friendly, intelligent, communicable, restrained and calm. I am also romantic with a sense of humor. Whatever I engage myself in I take it seriously and in workmanlike manner, I try to lead everything up to its logical end. It is easy for me to find common topics with new people, try to find best qualities in people and I hope they will share the same attitude to me. My sense of humor helps me a lot. The circle of my interests is not bounded. I am interested in all the sides of life. I read much. I like to get to know new things. I wish to make a normal family and to have children. I like everything new that comes in my life that helps to know all the new aspects.

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I am kind and sincere. At my spare time I enjoy reading books, knitting, cooking. I like cozy home atmosphere. It is very important to me to create a good and strong family. Most of all I appreciate faithfulness, care, and honesty in people. Spiritual state is very important to me. I am a believer and I go to the Seventh-Day Adventists church. The most important for me is him to be a believer.

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I think that I am kind, sincere, romantic and very sensitive, loving, caring and with a sense of good humor. I am happy and I have a calm and quiet nature. I am young, self-confident. My friends say that I am pretty and cheerful. I love life and like its every day. I love children very much. I like everything beautiful: art, theatre, music. I am good cook, I like home cosiness, knitting. I like nature and animals, sunsets and dawns, rain, sun, sea, mountains and birds singing. I am a romantic in my soul and I am waiting for the only and unique man, who we will share our lives, take care of each other and our children, live happily and well and will die on one day (smiles). I am seeking contact with a reliable intelligent man, stable emotionally, who knows when to be serious, but who can also enjoy simple things in life.
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