Free Russian bride from Ufa

I am a kind, gentle, loving and sincere russian woman as well as cheerful, spirited one! I love to give more that receive.

I live with the motto treat people as you would like to be treated! I guess it works. I am sociable and merry in the company, I guess communication is a key to mutual understanding and happy family life. I am in interested in philosophical and psychological literature! I enjoy having active rest in the nature and spend time with friends at the seaside. Traveling is my passion and I prefer gaining new impressions, emotions and excitements to sitting at home and being concentrated on daily problems! I would like him to be a kind, gentle, faithful, reliable man. I dream of a man ho could be a protector and head of the family. I’d wish to share his interests and would expect the same in return. I see him as a loving, caring at home and strong and serious at work!