Amazing women Russian from Krasnoyarsk

I am Taurus by horoscope. I can enjoy noisy companies or quiet evenings at home with candle light and it depends on my mood.

I think I am a quite interesting girl with mild well-wishing character. I do not believe in love from the first site and I think that first attractions comes but to fall in love I need to know a person, his views and manners. But if I love a person I surrender my self wholly. I study to be children psycologist. I like to read detectives and novels. To walk in the forest and gather flowers it is a big pleasure for me. Sometimes I go to cinema and Russian theater with my friends .

I like to the seaside more than mountains. If I had a chance I would travel much more than I do now. I like dogs because they look as very frank creatures and the same quality I appreciate in people. I would like to meet a man whom I will love me for who I am. Your strength should harmonize with tenderness. I do not think that to argue all the time is a good quality. If you are able to meet halfway sometimes and have a good sense of humor may be we can be a good couple.